The R interface to SyncroSim

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About SyncroSim

  • Automatically structure your data: SyncroSim ties together your existing data from disparate formats, such as Excel, CSV, and GeoTIFF. No database is required – SyncroSim automatically structures your data files for you.

  • Use your data to make predictions: SyncroSim allows you to chain together “models” – including existing off-the-shelf programs and scripts written in languages such as R, Python and C# – to transform your data into predictions.

  • Engage decision makers: No longer are forecasts delivered by analysts as static reports. Through its unique, easy-to-use interface, SyncroSim allows non-technical users to define, run and track their own “what-if” scenarios using the original data and models.

  • Go big: SyncroSim is specifically designed to handle big data, including support for cloud computing, multiprocessing, and large rasters.

About rsyncrosim

The rsyncrosim R package allows you to script and run SyncroSim operations in R.


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