Breaking changes

  • Added version check to ensure the version of rsyncrosim being used is compatible with the version of SyncroSim installed - current version of rsyncrosim is compatible with SyncroSim version 2.4.4

Bug fixes:

  • Bug fixed where if the Scenario named contained square brackets, a warning was thrown
  • Fixed bug in project() function
  • dependency() bug fixed - function used to fail when dependency argument was set to a character
  • Fixed bug in scenario() function when sourceScenario argument is set to a Scenario name
  • Fixed bug in delete() function when trying to delete datasheets
  • Fixed bug in datasheet() where column values could not be numeric
  • Fixed cryptic warning in saveDatasheet()
  • Fixed bug in addRow() function where column values were being auto-filled if they were a factor with one level
  • Removed warnings in addRow() function when a tibble is supplied as the value

New features:

  • External files are no longer copied by default during multiprocessing runs (can set this using the “copyExternalInputs” argument in the run() function)
  • Created filtering arguments in the datasheet() and datasheetRaster() functions, such that you can now specify a column to filter by (filterColumn) and the value to filter the column by (filterValue)
  • Can now use addon package templates when loading an ssimLibrary
  • New message argument in the progressBar() function that allows the user to add custom messages to the progress bar at runtime
  • New updateRunLog() function that allows the user to output custom messages to the SyncroSim run log, including the ability to create multi-line run log messages and set the run status
  • Added the ability to use Conda environments in rsyncrosim using the functions installConda(), useConda(), and condaFilepath()

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Created documentation on the new filtering arguments in datasheetRaster()
  • Improved testing code