rsyncrosim 1.3.5 Unreleased

Breaking changes

  • Updated rsyncrosim to be compatible with the new SyncroSim software update (version 2.3).

  • Deprecated functions addPackageFile, basePackage, deletePackage, envInputFolder, envOutputFolder, envTempFolder, envReportProgress, envStepSimulation, envBeginSimulation, and envEndSimulation.

  • Replaced functionality of deprecated functions by adding arguments to functions addPackage, package, and adding new functions removepackage, progressBar, runtimeInputFolder, runtimeOutputFolder, and runtimeTempFolder.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed cryptic warning message in saveDatasheet function.

  • Fixed rbind error in datasheet(..., fastQuery = T) with multiple scenarios call when different column number of difference scenarios. Now using the more robust gtools::smartbind instead.

  • Fixed bug where rsyncrosim drops any column with NAs when datasheet(..., fastQuery=T). Now only columns for which all rows are NA are dropped.

New features:

  • New rsyncrosim website.

  • 4 new vignettes/articles that follow the Enhancing a Package tutorial on the SyncroSim website.

  • All vignettes/articles now show outputs.

  • Improved documentation of each function with in-depth usage examples.

  • Added a template argument to the ssimLibrary function to allow importing of pre-designed SyncroSim Library templates.

  • Modified summary argument in the datasheet function so when set to TRUE will only show Library-specific datasheets. To show all Datasheets, a new input “CORE” must be used.

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Updated copyright headers on all functions