This function will delete a Scenario breakpoint.

deleteBreakpoint(x, transformerName = NULL, breakpointType = NULL)

# S4 method for Scenario
deleteBreakpoint(x, transformerName = NULL, breakpointType = NULL)



Scenario object


character. A Stochastic Time Transformer e.g. "stsim_Runtime" (optional)


character. Options include "bi" (before iteration), "ai" (after iteration), "bt" (before timestep), or "at" (after timestep) (optional)


A SyncroSim Scenario with an updated list of breakpoints.

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if (FALSE) { # Create callback function callbackFunction <- function(x, iteration, timestep) { print(paste0("Breakpoint hit: ", scenarioId(x))) } # Install helloworldSpatial package addPackage("helloworldSpatial") # Set SsimLibrary name myLibraryName <- file.path(tempdir(),"testlib") # Set Session and SsimLibrary mySession <- session() myLibrary <- ssimLibrary(name = myLibraryName, session = mySession, package = "helloworldSpatial") myScenario <- scenario(myLibrary, "My Scenario") # Add breakpoints before the 1st and 2nd iterations myScenario <- addBreakpoint(x= myScenario, transformerName= "helloworldSpatial_Primary", breakpointType = "bi", arguments = c(1,2), callback = callbackFunction) # Check that the breakpoints were added breakpoint(myScenario) # Delete breakpoints myScenario <- deleteBreakpoint(myScenario) # Check that breakpoints were deleted breakpoint(myScenario) }