Lists the addon SyncroSim package(s) associated with a SsimLibrary or Session. These packages can only be used to extend existing SyncroSim base packages; as a result they cannot be used to create new SsimLibraries. For example, stsimsf is an addon for stsim which provides optional additional functionality for the base ST-Sim model. More information on addons can be found in the syncrosim documentation.


# S4 method for character

# S4 method for missingOrNULL

# S4 method for Session

# S4 method for SsimObject



SsimLibrary or Session object. If NULL (default), session() will be used


A data.frame listing the addon(s) in use by the SsimLibrary or Session to which the object belongs.


# \donttest{ # Install the base package "stsim" addPackage("stsim")
#> Package <stsim> is already installed
# Set the file path and name of the new SsimLibrary myLibraryName <- file.path(tempdir(),"testlib") # Set the SyncroSim Session and SsimLibrary mySession <- session() myLibrary <- ssimLibrary(name = myLibraryName, session = mySession) # Retrieve a data.frame of available add-on(s) for the SsimLibrary addon(myLibrary)
#> name #> 1 stsimecodep #> 2 stsimsf #> description #> 1 Calculates ecological departure in ST-Sim using the LANDFIRE Fire Regime Condition Class #> 2 Integrates stocks and flows into the ST-Sim simulation model #> enabled currentVersion minimumVersion #> 1 FALSE 3.3.0 N/A #> 2 FALSE 3.3.2 N/A
# }