Create or open a Folder from a SyncroSim Project.

folder(ssimObject = NULL, folder = NULL, parentFolder = NULL, create = FALSE)



SsimLibrary or Project object.


character or integer. If character, then will either open an existing folder if create=FALSE, or will create a new folder with the given name if the folder does not exist yet or create=TRUE (Default). If integer, will open the existing folder with the given folder ID (if the ID exists).


character, integer, or SyncroSim Folder object. If not NULL (Default), the new folder will be created inside of the specified parent folder


logical. Whether to create a new folder if the folder name given already exists in the SyncroSim library. If FALSE (Default), then will return the existing folder with the given name. If TRUE, then will return a new folder with the same name as an existing folder (but different folder ID)


A Folder object representing a SyncroSim folder.


# \donttest{
# Set the file path and name of the new SsimLibrary
myLibraryName <- file.path(tempdir(),"testlib")

# Set the SyncroSim Session, SsimLibrary, Project, and Scenario
mySession <- session()
myLibrary <- ssimLibrary(name = myLibraryName, session = mySession) 
myProject <- project(myLibrary, project = "My Project")
myScenario <- scenario(myProject, scenario = "My Scenario")

# Create a new folder
myFolder <- folder(myProject, folder = "New Folder")

# Create a nested folder within "New Folder"
myNestedFolder <- folder(myProject, folder = "New Nested Folder", 
                         parentFolder = myFolder)
# }